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There are certain work activities that carry a certain amount of risk and an employee carrying out his or her duties under the influence of alcohol and or drugs will pose a risk to themselves, other employees as well as to the general functioning of the company.

Driving of vehicles, working with electrical equipment, working with personal protective equipment, working in extreme heat and cold, operation of machinery and industrial equipment, working in an environment where the risk of falling or slipping is great and working at heights are some of the activities that increase risk to employees under normal functioning, it is not hard to see how being under the influence of a mind altering substance would increase the risk to everyone involved.

Employers have a duty in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure the safety and health of employees and persons other than employees exposed to the risks at the workplace under their control.

By attending work under the influence of alcohol or any other mind altering substance, an employee is not in compliance with the obligation to ensure the health and safety of fellow workers and other persons at the workplace.


Training on the use and administering of drug testing devices

It is of extreme importance that the person in charge of conducting drug tests knows exactly how the tests work and how they are to be administered. A test that is not conducted correctly including the correct administrative procedure will have negative consequences for both the company as well as for the employee.

Setting up and implementation of a drug testing policy

Certain procedures have to be adhered to and the company must decide beforehand what their disciplinary procedure is going to be with regard to the outcome of a positive drug test. The company needs to decide on a plan of action. The staff concerned also need to be informed of this because if they are not aware of the company rules with regard to drug abuse then there are no rules / principals for them to adhere to. Rules and guidelines need to be specific.

On Site Workplace Drug Testing

It is almost always better to have a third party come in and conduct drug testing, this takes the pressure off management and allows an independent party to conduct testing without any emotional ties to an individual.

G-SAL DISTRIBUTION also has the correct training and experience to counsel both management and staff should a test be positive.


Depending on the company's drug testing policy, G-SAL DISTRIBUTION is also well qualified to offer affordable addiction counselling. This can be done on site or at our offices. Counselling is offered on an individual basis and in the past we have also run support groups within factories on site. Counselling is also available for supporters and families.

G-SAL DISTRIBUTION strongly advocates assistance and help for a person caught up in addiction.

Drug Awareness Education

We offer drug awareness training for staff and management, highlighting the dangers of addiction with regard to workplace safety. Drug awareness training is very helpful when introducing a workplace drug testing policy as it provides all the information and training needed and also increases staff awareness of the problem of addiction. After this course, there will be no excuses for not knowing the consequences of addiction.

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